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Anders Orkes

Anders Orkes

Agent- Leozelle

Anders – Die Tyd Is NOU

Like their Afrikaans stage name suggests, the singing duo Wynand and Lindi Delport are really doing things differently, or in Afrikaans “Anders”.

Now it is official: with two recent Ghoema Afrikaans music awards, Anders has been crowned the best contemporary Afrikaans group on the scene. Their latest album, #Ek Onthou, secured the Ghoema awards for best album by a group or duo, as well as best group for the year 2016.

Anders is an Afrikaans pop/country duo that made headlines in the gospel genre with their debut album, “Dink Leef Klink” followed by a romantic album, “#Liefdesverhale” with both albums raking in Ghoema nominations.

The music videos for “Ons Koning Kom” and the love song “Mooi Vir My” was especially popular among their Afrikaans supporters. They’ve graced numerous Top 10 charts with their presence, especially with their song, “Die Pad” which was also on the soundtrack of the Afrikaans movie, “Vrou Soek Boer”.

They wrote and performed the theme song for another Afrikaans movie, “Knysna”, which is still a favorite among the radio stations & their supporter.

2017 brings their greatest release to date: A collaboration with Hemelbesem titled “Die Tyd is Nou”. This promises to be a fresh sound, bringing something new to the Afrikaans industry, and carrying a message that resonates with each and every South African citizen. This colab hopes on bringing a message of peace to the people of South Africa.

Some of the best muso’s form part of the duo’s extended band, with Jason Moser on drums and Rixi Roman on guitar. Together, the four musicians give an energetic feel to their original music.

Anders’ passionate, easy-listening music will definitely leave you wanting more!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andersorkes
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Anders_Orkes?lang=en
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anders_orkes/?hl=en
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/Annalog85


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