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Agent- Morgan Ross

Mafikizolo was founded in the mid-nineties by Theo Kgosinkwe, Nhlanhla Nciza and Tebogo Madingoane. Originally a trio, the group were quickly recognised for their unique style (visually and musically) and signed a lucrative record deal in 1996 with indie label, Kalawa Jazmee. Their debut self-titled album was released in 1996. A second opus, Music Revolution, followed in 1999. In 2000 they finished their third studio album, Gate Crashers, which received local and international recognition. All the while, the group became a household name and one of the most active touring entertainers in South Africa, performing up to 5 shows in one night!


In 2000, the single “Loot” was remixed by international DJ and Producer Louie Vega opening up doors for Western and European interest. The remix was so successful, that Mafikizolo took their 1st trip to perform overseas at the Miami Winter Music Conference. The band have since returned to perform across our borders and have a huge following in the SADC regions across Africa.


Following a car accident in 2002, Mafikizolo dedicated their next album to God by naming it Sibongile (“We are thankful”). Fueled by the crossover smash single ‘Ndihambanawe’, the album was a massive success and sold over 350 000 copies. Mafikizolo won multiple awards and continued to get invitations to perform all over the African continent and around the world. In 2003 the group released ‘Kwela’ which featured jazz legend Hugh Masekela, which sold over 370 00 copies. Less than one year after this successful record, Mafikizolo lost one of their founding members Tebogo Madingoane, a massive loss to the group and the music industry as a whole.


Theo and Nhlanhla decided to continue to build the legacy and continue as a duo. Mafikizolo headed back to studio to record their next album ‘Van Toeka Af’. In 2008 they released the Six Mabone. After 12 years as a team 2009 saw the duo taking a break and working on solo projects. After a 5 year hiatus the group came together in 2013 to collaborate on a new album simply titled Reunited. The 1st single Khona from Reunited won the hearts of Africans across the continent and rapidly became a crossover hit.


Twenty Years On:


And now, twenty years after their first breakthrough success, the duo are more unstoppable than ever! In between a very busy touring schedule, the musical pair have found time to spend the better half of 2017 working on their craft in studio to being fans a brand-new album, after two decades of massive commercial success.


To celebrate their anniversary in the music industry and release of their album, “Mafikizolo 20” , the group will return to Silvertsar Casino’s Globe, the group’s own backyard, to perform both evergreens and new material in this never-to-be-repeated special performance.


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Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: Mafikizolo_Africa


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